Public procurement

The public procurement team provides comprehensive legal advisory to contractors and contracting parties at all stages of the proceedings and during performance of public contracts.

Our advisory services for contractors include:

- assistance with developing a strategy for participating in proceedings,

- identifying and eliminating risks associated wtih proceedings and performance of public contracts,

- formal legal support at all stages of the proceedings (drawing up tender documentation, responding to contracting party’s requests, etc.),

- applying legal remedies, representation before the relevant courts of law,

- advisory during public contract performance (disputes with contracting parties),

- advisory on the execution and performance of contracts with consortium partners, subcontractors and other business partners,

- compliance, particularly identifying and eliminating risks, including those related to a contractor being excluded from a tender procedure, arising from, e.g. lack of proper internal procedures, and also drafting appropriate rules on communicating with persons involved in the tender procedure.

Our advisory services for contracting authorities include:

- specialist legal opinions and consultations on public contracts,

- assistance with preparing and conducting public contract proceedings, including negotiations and competitive dialogue procedures,

- applying legal remedies, representation before the relevant courts of law,

- representation in disputes with contractors during public contract performance,

- advisory in connection with public contract inspections,

- advisory during proceedings concerning financial adjustments imposed on beneficiaries of EU funds,

- compliance, particularly in the context of new obligations arising directly from newly-adopted EU directives to identify, detect, eliminate and report on cases of conflict of interests and also, e.g. as regards using technical dialogue, minimising the risks accompanying the creation of tender documentation and contacts with contractors


Ilir I. Shala

Founder & Managing Partner
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