State aid and EU funds

We provide comprehensive legal advisory on state aid and structural funds. We co-operate with the institutions implementing the structural funds system, with the entities extending aid, and with state aid beneficiaries.

We offer:

- preparation of analyses and legal opinions on applying for state aid in projects also co-financed by EU funds,

- structuring of ventures and transactions to ensure that they comply with state aid regulations,

- advisory on investment projects co-financed by state aid,

- assessment of whether asset transfers made by public entities are effected in compliance with state aid legislation,

- advisory on state aid for ventures related to providing public services,

- advisory on state aid for restructuring processes,

- advisory on notifying projects to the European Commission both at domestic and EU level,

- advisory on appeals against European Commission decisions, including representation in proceedings before European courts.

As regards structural funds, we offer:

- preparation and implementation of projects co-financed by EU funds, e.g. in the context of compliance with provisions on using EU funds and aid terms and conditions,

- assistance with proceedings over so-called financial adjustments imposed on EU fund beneficiaries,

- advisory in dispute proceedings related to aid awarded from EU funds.


Ilir I. Shala

Founder & Managing Partner
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