Technology, media, telecommunications

We work with international firms in the telecommunications sector, providing advisory on various aspects of their market presence, e.g. resolving regulatory disputes, negotiating and drawing up operator, distribution and other agreements. Our experts also advise on legal issues associated with IT, e.g.:

- drawing up and negotiating agreements for the implementation of computer software (SAP, Oracle),

- preparinglicence agreements, software update agreements, and general terms and conditions for the supply of software and equipment,

- negotiating various types of agreement typical for the IT sector, e.g. SLA implementation agreements, IT outsourcing agreements, requests for proposals.

- Our experience with drawing up and negotiating IT agreements and with related areas of law enables us to face challenges on the IT services market, e.g. legal issues related to cloud computing.

We are developing our expertise in regulations on product promotion and distribution. We have a great deal of experience in matters involving, e.g. ATL and BTL advertising, restrictions on advertising specified types of goods and services, using databases, loyalty schemes and bonus sale schemes in advertising activity.

We advise press and literature publishers on distribution systems, distribution agreements, press registration, protection of intellectual property rights, newspaper formats and disputes over personal rights. We have in-depth awareness of business practices as regards film, television, radio and advertising production entities.


Ilir I. Shala

Founder & Managing Partner
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